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Cherry Valley Armed Forces Memorial

The Cherry Valley Men's Club has partnered with the Village of Cherry Valley to erect an Armed Forces Memorial on South Mill Road. Our Vision is to display five Service Flags and an American Flag flying proudly in honor of our Veterans as you enter (or exit) the Village. Many of us have friends and family members that have served in the Armed Forces and understand that if it were not for these brave men and women, we would not have the freedoms we have today. The Cherry Valley Men's Club believes ALL Veterans should be remembered for their courage in protecting our homeland.

Phase 1 of this project, which includes installing flag poles with five Service Flags and an American Flag plus LED lights to illuminate each flag at night is scheduled to be completed by Memorial Day 2021.

Phase 2 will include additional landscaping of the area surrounding the flags displayed. If you are interested in helping fund this project, please contact a member of the Cherry Valley Men's Club. We will graciously accept whatever you are willing to donate.

Thanks for your support!

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